1. Old Orchard Beach

Old Orchard Beach High School

**Due to expected weather this evening, the show has been moved up to start at 2:30**

September 18, 2021

Warm-Up Time Warm-Up Area Ready Time Start Time Band
1:55 A 2:25 2:30 Westbrook
2:10 B 2:40 2:45 Lawrence
2:25 A 2:55 3:00 South Portland
2:40 B 3:10 3:15 Sanford
2:55 A 3:25 3:30 Marshwood/Somersworth
3:10 B 3:40 3:45 Salem
3:25 A 3:55 4:00 Seacoast

Take Maine Turnpike to Exit 36 (Saco).

Follow 195 to Old Orchard Beach exit. You will not turn off – 195 and route 5 merge into Saco Ave. which leads into O.O.B.

Follow this road into O.O.B. – past a small rotary and a 7-11. As you go past the rotary, be sure the 7-11 Store stays on your right. You will then pass a car wash, laundromat, tent/trailer park, church, schools.

Go approximately 2 miles from where you exit off 195.

You will come to a traffic light – Police Station is on one corner and Loranger Middle School on the other.

Turn left at the traffic light onto E. Emerson Cummings Blvd.

Follow E. Emerson Cummings Blvd. to High School. Police Station is on the corner, then the entrance to the ballpark, the football field and track and then the High School.

Turn right into the circular driveway. Park in the side lot, not the front lot.

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